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Quilted Woodblocks #1
Mokuhanga woodblocks on Japanese paper
30x30 inches

Quilted Woodblocks #1 invites you into a realm of understated beauty, where a 26x26-inch woodblock art piece on paper unfolds like a quiet ode to the Hawaiian spirit. This unassuming masterpiece delicately weaves together elements inspired by the islands' cultural mosaic, embracing simplicity in its celebration of nature, spirituality, and tradition.
At the heart of this artwork lies a quilt-like arrangement, where floral patterns echo the lush flora of Hawaii. Each petal and leaf is a testament to the artist's meticulous craftsmanship, capturing the essence of tropical life with subtle grace.
A gentle phoenix takes flight, its presence a nod to the cyclical nature of existence and the enduring spirit of resilience. Rendered with humility, the phoenix becomes a silent emblem of transformation, quietly commanding attention within the composition.

Nestled within the woodblock print, Buddha sits in serene contemplation. The representation is unpretentious, inviting viewers to reflect on inner peace and mindfulness inspired by the teachings of Buddha.

Woven together, these elements create a visual poem that is at once humble and profound. The warm tones of the woodblock print gently speak to the viewer, inviting them to discover the quiet beauty of Hawaii's heritage, one that finds expression in the unspoken details of Quilted Woodblocks #3.

This unique piece is an original woodblock print, meticulously crafted through the intricate process of mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese wood carving and printing technique. The level of dedication is evident as I painstakingly carved a sizable woodblock, carefully capturing the essence of my artistic vision. The transfer of the image to delicate mulberry paper was achieved through the tactile method of hand-rubbing, utilizing a bamboo baren to ensure precision.
Mokuhanga embodies a labor-intensive approach, where each print is a testament to the artistry involved in the hand-carving and the subsequent hand-rubbing of the prints. The use of watercolor inks adds a layer of depth and nuance to the final composition, infusing it with a unique character that can only be achieved through this meticulous process.

Title: Quilted Woodblock #1
Artist: Faith Stone
Size: 30x30 inches
Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblocks printed on Japanese paper