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Quilted Woodblocks #2
Mokuhanga woodblocks on Japanese paper
54x30 inches

I've been influenced by Hawaiian Quilts and how a quilt can encompass diversity. I'm inspired to make assemblages to represent the quality of inclusion which is so strong In Hawaii with its multitude of ethnic and cultural influences living in harmony, the Aloha way.
This unique piece is an original woodblock print, meticulously crafted through the intricate process of mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese wood carving and printing technique. The level of dedication is evident as I painstakingly carved a sizable woodblock, carefully capturing the essence of my artistic vision. The transfer of the image to delicate mulberry paper was achieved through the tactile method of hand-rubbing, utilizing a bamboo baren to ensure precision.
Mokuhanga embodies a labor-intensive approach, where each print is a testament to the artistry involved in the hand-carving and the subsequent hand-rubbing of the prints. The use of watercolor inks adds a layer of depth and nuance to the final composition, infusing it with a unique character that can only be achieved through this meticulous process.

Title: Quilted Woodblock #2
Artist: Faith Stone
Size: 54 inches wide by 30 tall
November 2023