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Hanuman moves mountains, Hanuman woodblock, Hanuman Mokuhanga
Hanuman, who moves mountains to help friends, Hindu art, Hindu Buddhist Art, original art, Monkey King, Dharma, meditation, yoga, devotion
Mokuhanga Woodblocks and inks on mulberry paper
February 2021

Hanuman, who moves mountains to help friends

This references the story from the Ramayana where Laxman is poisoned by the demon, Ravana. Hanuman is instructed to fly (he can fly) to a certain mountain to collect the medicinal herbs that can cure Laxman. However, Hanuman doesn’t know which herbs are the healing medicine. With his enormous strength and devotion for his friend, he brings back the whole mountain. Hanuman represents true friendship.

This is 11x14 using 4 woodblocks, hand printed using sumi and watercolor inks onto mulberry paper using a bamboo baren. This is one of my early woodblocks from 2014. My skills have grown so much from then. I wanter to revisit some of my early woodblocks. I re carved them and printed some fresh.

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Title: Hanuman, who moves mountains to help friends
Artist: Faith Stone
Date: 2021
Medium: Mokuhanga woodblocks with sumi and watercolor inks
Size 14x11 inches with double mat and plastic sleeve