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am and Hanuman with Jambhavan - hand painted, Ram Hanuman, Jambhavan, Everyday Gods, BLM, African American Ram, American Buddhist Art, Ram
Ram and Hanuman with Jambhavan
Mokuhanga Woodblocks and inks on mulberry paper
January 2021

Ram and Hanuman with Jambhavan,
African American Ram

Ram is an historical king known for his integrity, truthfulness and honor.
This is one of my. Everyday Gods, recognizing the sacred within each person.
I do think Hanuman and Jambhavan, the king of the bears, are pretty cute and the wolf and falcon are my model, Ganapati's, favorite animals. The setting is Eldorado canyon with the Mouse ears rock formation.
I used African fabric patterns for his sarong. After printing I hand painted this woodblock.

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Title: Ram and Hanuman with Jambhavan
Artist: Faith Stone
Media: mokuhanga woodblock on mulberry paper using sumi and watercolor inks
Size: artwork 16x12 on 16x20 paper
Date: January, 2020