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Monju Boasts
Mokuhanga woodblocks on Japanese paper
12x12 inches

To carve Manju Bosatsu, I reference a historical Japanese woodblock. I'm interested in preserving the art from of Buddha woodblocks. In Tibetan Buddhist art, Thangka woodblocks are very rare.
Likewise most Buddha woodblocks are now Buddha stamps at temples in Japan. Pre Ukioyo-e Buddha woodblocks were the main form of Buddhist artwork imported from China. At the onset of Ukioyo-e Buddha woodblocks became obsolete, they were carved as woodblocks, a key block outline, and then hand painted.Then, they disappeared. Shiko Munakata began carving woodblocks again but that has not continued post Munakata. I would like to change that.

Title: Manju Bosatsu
Artist: Faith Stone
Medium: Mokuhanga woodblocks with watercolor and sumi ink
Size: 8x10 artwork on 9x12 Kozo-shi with Mat 11x14 inches