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Tula Saraswathi, Everyday Goddess, Goddess of music and art, with her swan and goat, American Buddhist Art
Tula Saraswathi
Mokuhanga woodblocks and watercolor inks
12 x 9

Tula Saraswathi is part of my Everyday Goddess series. Saraswathi is the goddess of music and art. She is a patron of children and learning. Saraswathi is revered in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Here I show her in a Mountain setting with a swan and goat. In yoga philiosophy every woman is the goddess. I'm interested in describing this idea through cultural diversity.

This artwork is Mokuhanga woodblocks, I carved 4 blocks for the different colors. I also hand painted small sections. Mokuhanga is an old-school, labor-intensive hand printmaking technique. The inks used are watercolors and sumi.

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Title: Tula Saraswathi
Artist: Faith Stone
Size 12 x 9 inches
Medium: Mokuhanga
Limited edition, titled and signed by the artist
double mat and plastic sleeve