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Family portrait, Babaji, Faith and Devi, Thangka art,
Family QuarantinePortrait
Acrylics on canvas
36 x 24

Family quarantine portrait
Babaji with his 2 attendants: Dancing Devi and Faith in her everyday goddess Laxmi form. Baba's hand is in Abhaya mudra, fear not. The left side of the painting represents Hawaii with the banyan tree and view at Konalani. The right side is Eldorado Canyon. The offerings on the right reflect Colorado with a lavender bush, yucca and a bowl of peaches while the left has hibiscus flowers and a bowl on mangos. Pranam is the snow lion in front of Baba's chair. In the sky above Vajrapani is on the left and Ganesha on the right. Baba had a vision in meditation of Guru Rinpoche in his rainbow body above him with White Tara above Guru Rinpoche. It was based on this experience that he asked me to do this painting.