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Uma Tara, Latina Tara, Everyday goddess
Uma Tara
mokuhanga woodblocks on kozo paper

Uma Tara is part of my everyday goddess series. My model is Peruvian Irish. Tara is the goddess of kindness and compassion.

In this series I am exploring the yoga philosophy that all women are the goddess. In particular, I'm interested in showing archetypal goddess with diverse ethnicity.
My model for this portrait is kind and loving, qualities of the BodhiSattva Tara.
This is an original Mokuhanga woodblock on Kozo paper.

Mokuhanga is the Japanese method for carving and printing woodblocks. It is a labor intensive old-school method. It is non toxic using water based inks and watercolors and low tech. No printing press is needed. First the woodblock is hand-carved. Then, hand-rubbed onto Kozo paper using a bamboo baren and watercolor inks and sumi. Typically a different block is carved for each color. In this example, I am using the key block with Prussian blue gouache.

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