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Black Tara, African American Tara, loving kindness goddess, Contemporary Goddess Series
Black Tara
Mokuhanga woodblocks hand rubbed onto mulberry paper

Tara is the Buddhist Goddess of loving-kindness and compassion.
Black Tara is a protective goddess. She is a little more fierce, a warrior mom.
This is part of my contemporary goddess series. Yoga philosophy is that all women are the goddess and all men are Shiva. Exploring that idea, I have been doing portraits of women I know in paintings and woodblocks representing them as the goddess.

This is a Large 16 x 20 Mokuhanga woodblock print (traditional Japanese woodblock) hand carved and hand rubbed to print using watercolor inks. Moku Hanga is a labor-intensive old school printmaking practice. Typically a separate block is carved for each color. This piece uses three mokuhanga woodblocks.
Limited edition 1 of 12

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