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Contemporary Goddess Series, Colorado Mountain Goddess, Colorado mountain lion, #faithstoneart, #mokuhanga
Colorado mountain Goddess
mokuhanga woodblock, hand printed on mulberry paper
7x10 matted to 11x14

This is part of a Contemporary Goddess series that I started 6 years ago. I turn women into the Goddess in keeping with the Yoga philosophy that all women are the goddess. Colorado Mountain Goddess is a self-portrait. I didn't start it that way. I did use myself as the model but did not think I would be able to get any likeness in such a small woodblock. As a result my other title for this work is: I wish I had 4 arms and a cool mountain lion to protect me.

The iconography is based on the Hindu Goddess of wealth, Laxmi. True understanding is that real wealth is not material things but the abundance of love and frIendship in one's life. I borrowed Durga's lion as a protector for the goddess. In her hands, she holds Colorado native columbine flowers instead of lotuses and the setting is Eldorado Canyon where I live.

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