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Thangka painting, Vajra Yogini, Faith stone art, faithstoneart, Contemporary Buddhist and Hindu art, Traditional Vajra Yogini in brocade
Vajra Yogini
Gouache on Cotton
11 x 14

Mantra Om Pema Yogini Varja Varahi Hum
I painted this smaller thangka while flying on a Plane to India to visit our dear friends in Dehra Dun. She took many more months to finish but it was fun to work on her while heading towards our Tibetan family.
Vajra Varahi is a form of Vajra Yogini, the diamond Yogini. She is the highest Yoga Tantra and as such she is considered to be a female Buddha. In her form as Vajra Varahi, she has a sow’s head in her hair. She has a flayer in her right hand used to cut off ego clinging. Her left hand holds a scull cup filled with blood. She has a staff with 3 heads.