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From the Ashes
Mokuhanga woodblocks on mulberry paper
11x14 inches

I created this woodblock to support Maui. I carved the Island of Maui with a phoenix rising. I made several versions using a wave pattern and Ulu, a Hawaiian Breadfruit quilt pattern. While I am aware of the devastation and feel the heartbreak, I chose to focus on hope and renewal for Maui. Living on the Big island, I want to use my art to help our neighbors. I donated the piece to 808Arts to assist with fundraising. 100% of my sales from my shop will be donated to hawaiicommunityfoundation.org #MauiStrong. Original woodblock print

Title: From the Ashes
Artist: Faith Stone
Medium: Mokuhanga woodblocks printed on Japanese pansion paper
Date: 2023
Size:11x14 inches