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VajraKilaya for World Peace, VajraKilaya Woodblock
Mokuhanga Woodblock on Mulberry paper
32in.height x 26in. w

VajraKilaya is invoked for World Peace. I dedicated the carving for Ukraine and all the places that are trouble by war and oppression, especially Tibet where VajraKilaya is revered.
This woodblock tells the story of when our precious Tibetan lamas and dear friends, the Khenpo Brothers: Ven. Khenchen Palden Rinpoche and Ven Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche came to Shoshoni Retreat, in Colorado, and gave the special teachings of this 2-armed form of VajraKilaya.

In the woodblock, The Khenpos float into Shoshoni on a cloud bringing the precious teachings. Khenpo Tsewang holding his dog. VajraKilaya with his consort are the central figures. The setting includes the Shoshoni temple, a local moose in the pond, and a resident mountain lion on a rocky ledge. The mountain lion is also a symbol of Durga for Shoshoni. PadmaSambhava, Samantabhadra, and VajraSattva float in the sky above. SimhaMuka, the lion faced Dakini, and Jowo Zegyal are in the bottom right of the artwork, wrathful offerings and yucca flowers in the center and a protector (Tsui Marpo) with sword held high to the left. On the right side of VajraKilaya Baba and Faith sit in meditation. Faith is practicing bodhichitta, (boundless love, compassion, joy and equanimity for the benefit of all sentient beings) and Baba meditating with his hand in abhaya mudra, have no fear. The ashram dogs Sammy, Adri and Pranam stand in attendance.
The Venerable Khenpos described the retreat as Shoshoni Pure Land due to the large Buddha paintings on the rock walls. This woodblock is full of meaning remembrance and devotion.

This is the most difficult mokuhanga woodblock I have ever carved with over 14 figures plus animals including the ashram dogs. From carving to printing and painting took a year.

Title: VajraKilaya for World Peace
Artist: Faith Stone
Medium: Hand-carved mokuhanga woodblock, hand printed on mulberry paper, individually painted
Size: 24x32
Date: 2022
Limited edition