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Flying SimhaMukha, Lion faced Dakini, SimhaMukha, Flying Dakini, FaithStoneArt
Flying SimhaMukha
Mokuhanga woodblock with watercolor inks

In Tibetan Buddhism, SimhaMukha, also known as the Lion Face Dakini, is a Wisdom Dakini of the Dzogchen tradition. She is represented as a fierce Dakini with the head of a snow lion. Her mouth is depicted with a roar, symbolizing untamed fury and jubilant laughter.Her roar disperses discursive thoughts. She is naked, symbolizing that she herself is completely free of discursive thought.

This is a hand carved woodblock in the Japanese style of mokuhanga. The figure is hand carved into the block and printed by hand rubbing onto mulberry paper using a bamboo barn. The inks are watercolor. After printing I painted the woodblock with watercolors. Mokuhanga is a non toxic, old-school, labor-intensive woodblock relief printing method. I make a limited edition of hand printed artworks.

Title: Flying SimhaMukha
Artist: Faith Stone
Medium: Mokuhanga woodblock on mulberry paper with watercolor inks
Size: 9x12 with a mat to 12x16 inches
Date: January 2022