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Green Tara and Madonna
Green Tara with Madonna
Acrylics on canvas

Green Tara with Madonna and child.
This painting is a collaboration between Myself and contemporary Tibetan painter, karma Phuntsok. We teach Painting Buddhas workshops together at Shoshoni yoga Retreat in Colorado Shoshoni.org. Karma painted the background and Madonna and child as a demo to the workshop. I painted in the Green Tara and conch shell offering.

Green Tara is one of the most revered figures in Buddhism. She is the female Buddha and the embodiment of loving-kindness and compassion. She is said to have been born from the tears of Chenrezig, who represents the compassion of all the Buddhas.

Green Tara’s right foot comes down off her lotus as though to say, “I am here when you need me.” She is considered the most accessible of the Bodhisattvas.