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Brown Durga
Mokuhanga Woodblocks and inks on mulberry paper
22x28 inches

Durga is a protector goddess in the Hindu pantheon. Typically she rides a lion or tiger. I used a mountain lion for Colorado.

This is a Large 18x24 Moku Hanga woodblock print (traditional Japanese woodblock) hand carved and hand rubbed to print using watercolor inks. Moku Hanga is a labor-intensive old school printmaking practice. This piece uses both a Moku Hanga woodblock and is hand painted with watercolors.

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Artist: Faith Stone
Title: Durga with mountain lion
size: 18x24 bleed print - the artwork extends to the edge of the paper
Medium: Mokuhanga woodblock, hand printed on mulberry paper using a bamboo baren and watercolor inks
Artwork is signed and titled by the artist