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VajraSattva, BodhiSattva of purification and forgiveness, Purity, Thangka art, Buddhist Art
VajraSattva with Hawaiian Flowers
Acrylics on canvas

VajraSattva with Hawaiian flowers
VajraSattva is the BodhiSattva or purification and forgiveness. I like to paint or carve a VajraSattva for the New Year in order to start the year all fresh and clean inside. It's a time to let go of the past and see how we can begin anew.

VajraSattva represents the principle of purification and the purity of the enlightened mind. He manifests the purity of speech, mind, and body of all Buddhas. He encompasses the ability to extinguish spiritual impurities, such as negative karmic forces and tendencies towards one’s enlightenment.

VajraSattva is seen as the minds pure essence and holds a vajra, or thunderbolt and a bell. The thunderbolt, symbolic of a diamond, held in his right hand, is a spiritual tool with the ability to cut any substance, yet it cannot be cut itself. It cuts through all impurities and obscurations. The bell in his left hand is symbolic of wisdom and compassion.

Title: VajraSattva with Hawaiian flowers
Artist: Faith Stone
Medium: Acrylics on Hawaiian fabric mounted on canvas
Size: 14 x 11
Date: January 2019
Price: $650