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Durga, Native Durga, First Nation Durga, Everyday Goddess, Ojibwe Durga, Buddha woodblocks, Mokuhanga Durga
Durga, Sacred Ash
Mokuhanga woodblocks and watercolor inks

Sacred Ash is part of my everyday goddess series, My model is Ojibwe, First Nation people from the Great Lakes region. Ashley has a strong connection to goddess Durga. She is wearing deerskin breeches from her culture and carries a bow along with Durga's other weapons. I have her with a mountain lion. Durga is a protector goddess. I have been exploring visually the yoga idea that every woman is the goddess. My particular interest is to show this with ethnic diversity. I would like women of all color to feel that goddesses look like them.

I painstakingly hand carve a mokuhanga woodblocks. Mokuhanga is the traditional Japanese style of woodblock prints. Typically a different block is carved for each color. This artwork uses 4 carved blocks. The blocks are printed onto Japanese Kozo or mulberry paper by hand rubbing with a barren. The inks used are sumi and watercolor inks. Mokuhanga is a labor-intensive old school printmaking practice.

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Title: Sacred Ash
Size: 12x16 inches with double mat ready to hang
Medium: mokuhanga woodblocks on mulberry paper
Numbered, titled and signed by the artist