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Jaima Kalima, Kali, Goddess Kali, African American Kali, Mokuhanga Kali
Jaima Kalima, Black Kali
mokuhanga woodblocks on kozo paper

Kalima is a fiercely protective mother goddess. I used my friend, Jenaya, for my model in the everday goddess series. I am exploring the yoga philosophy that every woman is the goddess and bringing ethnic diversity to the goddess series. I carved this one during an advanced art residency at Lake Kawaguchi, Japan, at the base of Mount Fuji. The artwork was literally Made (while) in Japan.

This is an original Mokuhanga woodblock on Japanese Mingel Kozo paper. Mokuhanga is the Japanese method for carving and printing woodblocks. It is a labor intensive old-school method. It is non toxic using water based inks and watercolors and low tech. No printing press is needed. First the woodblock is hand-carved. Then, hand-rubbed onto Kozo paper using a bamboo baren and watercolor inks and sumi. Typically a different block is carved for each color. In this example, I am using the key block with Sumi ink.

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Title: Jaima Kalima
Size: 14x11 inches
Medium: mokuhanga woodblocks and sumi ink
Date: November 2018
Titled, numbered and signed by the artist