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This is a large mokuhanga woodblock of Green and White Tara. I have them in a Hawaiian setting with a breaching humpback whale.
Green Tara is considered one of the most accessible Bodhisattva. Her right foot comes off her lotus as if to say - "Need help, I'm on my way". Her right hand reaches out in compassion to grant all wishes. Green Tara is the embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion and as such is known as the female Buddha. Tara, whose name means star, is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. In Tibetan she is known as Dolma , she who saves or ferries across. She is said to protect her followers from fear and remove obstacles in one’s endeavors.
White Tara is the embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion. She is the Buddha in feminine form. White Tara has 7 eyes: 2 on her feet, 2 on her palms and 2 on her face plus her third eye in the center of her forehead. This represents her ability to see and be aware of those in need. She wears the crown and adornments of Sambhogakaya. White Tara is invoked for long life.
Tara’s mantra is: Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha

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Mokuhanga is the traditional Japanese style of woodblock prints. The blocks are printed onto Japanese Kozo or mulberry paper by hand rubbing with a barren. The inks used are sumie and watercolor inks. Mokuhanga is a labor-intensive old school printmaking practice. Large mokuhanga woodblocks are very difficult to carve and hand rub to print.

Two Taras, Green Tara and White Tara, Goddess of compassion #faithstoneart
Two Taras
Woodblock and inks on mulberry papaer