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White Tara, Moku hanga, Drawing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Faith Stone, faithstoneart
White Tara with dragon, phoenix and i'ili birds
woodblock on Thai mulberry paper

This is my largest woodblock to date 24x32. White Tara represents wisdom and compassion. I have her in a Hawaiian setting with Hualalai mountain in background. She is flanked by hibiscus flowers and i'ili birds on the right and palm trees and ocean on the left. In the sky she is attended by a dragon and phoenix.
Moku Hanga is a labor-intensive traditional Japanese woodblock technique. The woodblocks are hand carved, and hand rubbed using a barren onto fine mulberry paper.
Traditionally separate blocks are carved for each color. I have been experimenting with individually watercolor painting each hand rubbed print. As a result, colors vary with each woodblock print.

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