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Faith Stone, Faith Stone Art, faithstoneart, Green Tara, Thangka art, contemporary Buddhist artShoshoni Retreat, Thangka painting
Meditation on Kindness
Acrylics on canvas
36 x 48

I did this painting during a thangka painting retreat I led at Shoshoni Yoga retreat the summer of 2010. I included local wildlife that have been frequent visitors in summer: a baby bear, a bobcat, a hummingbird, an elk and a doe and her fawn. The Shoshoni temple is on left hand side of the painting and one of the Buddha rocks from Shosohsni is on the right. Little Bear mountain is in the skyline. I also included a self portrait (with my dog in the lower left hand corner) meditating on Green Tara, the central deity, with Amitabha Buddha in the sky above. Green Tara represents wisdom, compassion and kindness. Her right foot comes down off her lotus as if to say "Call me, here I come to help you".